Website Hosting

Getting Hosted

When it comes to a new website you will need to get a hosting plan so that people can see your site.  You need fast, reliable hosting with a company such as SiteGround.  There are many hosting companies advertising on the internet but I would strongly recommend SiteGround as this is the company I use personally for all my websites as well as for my customers.

Choose a Domain Name

Once you have arranged a hosting plan to get your site online you will then need to think of a domain name.  Choosing your domain name for your new website is very important.  Your domain name is the address of your website.  For example  You chosen address (URL) should stand out and be easily remembered.  The address of your website will become a majorly important part of the brand you are trying to build.  It should also not be too similar to any competitors website address as you do not want to cause any confussion.

Choose a Hosting Plan

There are many different plans you can choose from, from a wide variety of companies offering hosting plans.  All of the websites I build are built using WordPress so you will need to make sure you choose a WordPress hosting plan.  This is important because if you choose the wrong plan your website may run slowly.  Google hates slow website and this would penalise any Gooogle search results you may be looking to achieve,  You also need to think about how flexible your plan is, as in the future you may wish to add additional sites to your hosting plan.

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a hosting plan that offers a great discount for the first year, reliable hosting with good customer support then I would recommend SiteGround.  Over the years I have tried and tested other hosting suppliers with limited success.  If I am building a website for a customer this is defiantly the direction I point them in.

Building Your Website

Building your website need not be complicated.  Just get in touch with me and I will discuss all the design and build options available to you.  I will then build you a great looking website.

Value For Money

You need to ensure that you are going to be happy with your website and get good value for money.  All website I build are personally designed for each company and at a great price.

Time to Choose

Once you have decided on the type of website you require and have arranged for your website to be built on of the first steps is to arrange the hosting and register your own domain name.  In order to do this here are some final recommmendations.

Hosting Provider

I would always recommend SiteGround to my customers, as I have found the hosting to be very reliable, competitive with good customer support.

Domain Registration

Once you have selected your hosting plan you can then choose your very own domain name.  When choosing your domain name give it lots of thought and find a name that is best for all of your requirement.

Easy Maintenance

When you are satisfied with your new website and it has been live for a while you may at some point decide that a change maybe needed.  This is often the case if minor details such as prices change or services are added or removed.  To make these changes you can use the Divi Builder. 

It makes these changes quick and easy and does not require any coding.   Using the Divi Builder will save you time and money as you can make these changes without having to pay a professional to do them on your behalf.

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